Bridging the Divide: What You Risk with Bad Social Media Customer Care

As the world changed from wired to wireless, and social media became the primary means of connecting the planet, many companies fell behind their customers’ customer care needs. Social media customer care, or SMCC, is now the number one way your customers want to communicate with you and is far more effective than conventional phone or email communication channels.

According to facts and statistics from Website Builders, good SMCC can improve customer satisfaction rate by 26.6%. On the flip side, 30% of people will go to a competitor if a brand fails to respond to a query on social media. Poor response time can lead to a 15% increase in customer churn. Bad SMCC practices can risk your brand’s reputation, customer base, and revenue. Here are some of the biggest risks bad SMCC can have.

Poor or No Response

Generally, one of the biggest problems faced is a poor response time or rate when a customer reaches out on social media. The average response time is over 5 hours, while 42% of customers expect a response within 1 hour; 32% expect a response within 30 minutes and a further 11% expect a response immediately. As a whole, the industry responds to just 12.9% of SMCC information demand and people expect more service and they want it a whole lot faster.

SMCC Risks

Not answering not only drives your customers into the hands of your competitors but also decreases customer advocacy by as much as 50%. Furthermore, 71% of consumers with positive SMCC experiences are likely to recommend the brand to others. Another major risk is the fact that 31% of people post online after a bad customer care experience, compounding the problem and further lowering a brand’s reputation within the marketplace.

With these potential risks, it’s important for everyone to establish a strong SMCC strategy in the modern world. A great tool to get you started is the statistics and facts from Websitebuilder “The Rise Of Social Media Customer Care”.

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"Josh Wardini , Editorial Contributor and Community Manager at . With a preliminary background in communication and expertise in community development, Josh works day-to-day to reshape the human resource management of digitally based companies. When his focus trails outside of community engagement, Josh enjoys the indulgences of writing amidst the nature conservations of Portland, Oregon."



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