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10 Perks of Having a Business Website

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A lot of business owners are on a fence about whether to go online or not. In this digital age, they are still toying with the idea of investing in a business website. If you are one of them, let us help you be out of this dilemma straight away by listing the wondrous things a business website can do for you!

As of 2017, internet users worldwide have been estimated to be 3.9 billion. More than half of the world's population is online and this number is only likely to rise in the coming years.

Why go online with your business?

The online world offers a huge marketplace for businesses to venture into. In fact, 80% of the Internet-using population has made an online purchase at least once in their lifetime and 50% of them have ordered stuff online more than once. The growing credibility of online businesses has led to a spike in the number of people opting for conveniently shopping on the web from the comfort of their homes rather than going to an offline store for purchases.

Here is a list of top 10 perks you can enjoy if you have a professional business website brought to you by Cyber Worx Technologies, the Top Web Development Company in Delhi that has created countless, bespoke web solutions and helped businesses join the digital club.

  • 1. Your Website Acts as an Effective Marketing Tool

    Did you know, according to Adaptive Marketing, 97% of consumers use the internet to find a business? No doubt many will have their maiden encounter with your business online. Your website acts as a brochure that lists all the essential information about your brand and pitches it to your target audience. If you do not have one, you are missing out on opportunities that can help you take your business to new heights.

  • 2. 24×7 Customer Support

    A brick and mortar store operates for roughly ten hours a day while websites are online all day, all week! Anybody in need of your services or any kind of assistance can find you online. Hence, a ton of your precious time will be saved which can be invested in core operations to grow your business further instead.

  • 3. Being Online Offers a Global Outreach

    The online world has no geographical barriers. Thus, your website will be accessible to the potential customers who wish to avail your services no matter which country he or she resides in. This way you can branch out and go global with your business and have customers flooding in via your business website.

  • 4. Having a Business Website will expand your Customer Base

    A well-designed professional business website not only attracts an audience online but also results in a hike in offline sales. The more recognition your business brand builds, the better likelihood of it having more customers becomes and the digital world provides a big platform for your brand to be visible. It gives you easy access to new customers who on being satisfied with your services are most likely to recommend them to family and friends. With this chain continuing, you will find your customer base expanding.

  • 5. A Website Can Help in Strengthening Your Brand Presence

    Every piece of information that you want your customers to know will be mentioned on your business website including your brand story. It lets you control the narrative and helps you build an emotional connection with your audience as in today's age, people no longer buy just the product but also the story attached to it which makes it way more appealing and differentiates it from your competition that provides the same utility. Therefore, you build brand recognition while acquiring customers through your website.

  • 6. A Website assists you in Building Credibility

    A study by Google Consumer Surveys revealed that 67.7% of consumers are influenced by online reviews and base their purchasing decisions on them. Online reviews are trusted by 88% of the users as much as a personal recommendation was found by Local Consumer Survey 2014. The traffic landing on your web pages goes through the list of past clients, case studies and countless reviews mentioned on your website before deciding to make a purchase or employing your services. Thus, a website reinforces your reliability to the audience and converts them into customers with ease.

  • 7. You can save Cost on Promotions

    Money invested in building your professional website is sure to pay good returns. All the lucrative offers and discounts you offer to reel in customers can be placed on your website for people to check out and avail. It is a known fact that the web world catches the eye of more people than the offline one. Hence, your website can be quite cost-effective in promoting your brand and reaching a mass audience. You no longer need to spend your money on pamphlets to reach your customers when you can have e-pamphlets to engage your audience.

  • 8. A Website Can Track your Business Performance

    Your website provides precise analytics on the number of visits, leads, customer demographic, location, usage, keywords and many more factors affecting your sales. Since the response and behavior of users are so effectively tracked, such customer insights assist your business to grow faster by employing the right business strategies.

  • 9. A Website Helps Boost Sales

    The primary aim of any business is to make sales and earn profit to survive and thrive. Without a doubt, your current customers are making the transition to the online platform. By having a web presence via your very own business website, you retain your old customers while gaining new ones. Every day your brand gets discovered online by the traffic that comes by and this increases the likelihood of having more sales. Cyber Worx Technologies is an innovative Graphic Design Company in Delhi NCR that creates websites with flawless development and visually engaging web design optimised to boost sales.

  • 10. Having a Website puts you in the Competitive Space

    The real competition is online. All the industry giants have a presence over the platforms relevant to their audience and so should you to retain your customers as your current customers are trying to find you online to conveniently fulfil their needs. As a matter of fact, 81% of online users search for products and services online even before making an offline purchase. So you need to be in the webspace to keep up with the evolving landscape and stay in the competition.


    The consequence of ignoring the digital realm can make you lose out on opportunities and customers to your competitors. The mentioned merits clearly state a digital presence is a necessity for businesses to stay relevant with their target audience.

    To get an awesome online presence that connects you to thousands of your prospective customers online, partner with CyberWorx Technologies, a top Responsive Website Designing Company that can help you leverage the internet to scale up your revenue.