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Digital Transformation for Navigating Through Omicron & Beyond

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Digital Transformation

The moment we were starting to believe that the twin threat of corona virus to our lives and livelihoods had been neutralised to some extent, another variant of COVID called Omicron emerged on the scene and shot down our chances at normality. We have been knocked down by COVID several times this year and our hope for normalcy was once again dashed off as scientists revealed that the Omicron variant is equally severe as Delta and can prove to be thrice as much transmissible.

Due to its increased capacity of spreading far and wide, the Omicron surge is inevitable and the facts are hinting at the imminent third wave in India with another round of pandemic induced restrictions imposed on the public for life safety. The threat of Omicron, looming ahead, has brought in greater uncertainty as to what our future holds and how long this Pandemic will continue.

Despite all, as Celine Dion sings, "My heart will go on and on…", so will ours! Having dealt with the two dreadful waves of COVID, we have become quite equipped to cope with and live by the restrictions usually placed during a pandemic. The challenge lies in maintaining our livelihoods and revenue even when the expected chaos ensues.

Businesses Are Reinforcing Their Digital Presence To Deal With The Third Wave & Beyond!

India, a high-growth emerging economy, is at a crucial crossroad where its steps towards the digital arena can help its work force emerge stronger and ensure that no economic stagnation takes hold of the market. Surveys have shown that the responses to COVID have sped up the adoption of advanced, digital techniques by several years, accelerating the digitalisation of their customers, supply-chain interactions and of the internal operations of businesses.

The market share that digital and digital-enabled products had has been expedited by a shocking number of seven years. Companies that had at least sought for temporary solutions to deal with challenges and demands arising at the time of crisis caused by the previous waves, would now need to spring into action and avail solutions and make changes which could help them in the long haul. Hence, businesses are funding digital initiatives and investing in the solutions that stick and last long.

IT Services To The Rescue!

At the time of the pandemic, consumers made a rapid shift to digital channels so much so that when asked, the consumers are three times more likely to admit that their customer interactions are at least 80 percent digital in nature.

To stay competitive in the new business and economic environment which brands are faced with, they are required to adapt and adopt new strategies and practices and build their technical capabilities with the utilisation of advanced technologies so that the business innovations are sped up and the operations experience effective streamlining.

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