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Search Google or Type a URL: What Is It & Which One to Choose?

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Search Google or Type a URL: What Is It & Which One to Choose?

What does your routine action on Google look like? You open the browser, Search Google or Type a URL to go through the options that pops up on the SERP. Right? Finding the accurate answer to your query is easier and faster with a search engine Giant like Google.

If you use Google Chrome, we are assuming you are aware that you can use the address bar for more activities than just looking for web pages. Chrome's search box is more than just an address bar; it's a versatile tool that can help you be more productive.

When it comes to finding information online, there's an ongoing debate among internet users. Some people firmly believe in the effectiveness of Google search, while others prefer the convenience of directly typing a website's URL in the search box.In this article, we'll explore the advantages and disadvantages of both methods to determine which one stands out as the better option.

What is Search Google or Type a URL?

"Search Google or Type a URL" are words that display in Google’s search box (also known as Omnibox) in the new tab in the Chrome browser. These words mean that you have two options to continue using Chrome for search purposes.

"Search Google or Type a URL" are words that display in Google’s search box (also known as Omnibox) in the new tab in the Chrome browser. These words mean that you have two options to continue using Chrome for search purposes.

  • The first is that you can type the keyword that you are looking for directly into the search bar and press Enter for the result.
  • The second is that you input the particular URL into the search box and press Enter to directly land on the page you are looking for. URL basically means the address of a webpage.

"Search Google or type a URL" is another feature included in Chrome's Canary release. Chrome Canary is the most recent version of the Chrome browser. Google uses it to experiment with new ideas.

What Is an Omnibox?

Omnibox is a term that is used to describe the combination of address and search bars found in web browsers, especially Google Chrome. This feature provides users with the same input field to enter both URLs and perform phrase searches with convenience.

When the user begins typing in Omnibox, they get options for both search terms and web addresses, which makes it easier for them to quickly land on their desired website or look for information without having to switch between multiple input fields, thus saving their operation time.

Moreover, the Omnibox also offers other features that comprise bookmarks, history suggestions, customization, etc.

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Shortcut Key For Omnibox

Before all the complicated operations, it will be very helpful if you remember the simple keyboard shortcut for Omnibox, which is CTRL + L. This shortcut key will take you directly to the address bar, along with marking the entire input you typed earlier.

Difference Between Search Google and Type a URL?

While social media platforms, websites, applications, and others are among the most popular ways to obtain information, Search Google and Type a URL still stand out from the rest as the most common search methods.

The question that’s highlighted and will be answered in this piece of information is: what's the difference between these two options?

Whatever option you choose, you will get the best results. But still, there are some differences that you should know as a user to make a smart and informed choice.

Search Google Option

Search Google option enables entering the keyword, phrase, or name of the website you want the answer for in the search bar. This option is for users who don’t know the exact URL they want to visit. In that case, you type your query and scroll through the options that Google shows to find the best among the rest.

However, if you know the exact URL, save yourself from following a lengthy process and opt for "type a URL" instead. You will save yourself the trouble of loading multiple websites and analyzing whether they have what you are looking for or not!

Type a URL Option

Like stated earlier, if you know the URL of the website you want to visit, opt for the quick "type a URL" option and proceed. If, in this case, you don't have the complete URL, you can still type its short version and press enter. You will be directed to the site. This means you no longer have to shift between multiple results to find the most relevant one.

If you wish to find specific information on a website, enter the website's URL followed by the keywords into the search bar.

How Can Search Google or Type a URL Improve Your Experience?

When you look up to Google to feed your hungry head with knowledge and information, it won’t be fair that you aren’t aware of all the great deals and features it has to offer its users. This article made you aware of how you can make the most of Search Google or Type a URL to get more specific information and results.

In fact, the more regularly you interact with Google, the more you will know about tips and methods to make the most convenient use of the internet through Google.

For instance, this function can assist you with your short research for writing a blog. If you need statistics, input "site: gov filetype: pdf" to get a list of PDF files from government-related websites.

It is a relatively quick and simple method to search Google or Type a URL for any website on the Internet that will return more meaningful results for a certain topic area. The amount of time you will have to spend going through the results will be considerably reduced if you have the searches customized.

Which One To Choose? Search Google or Type a URL?

The confusion around which one is better—Search Google or Type a URL — mostly depends on what you are searching for on the internet and how familiar you are with the site you want to visit.

If you want to visit a particular website and know what the URL is, simply type the URL in the address bar of your browser and get direct access to the information you were looking for. This works best when you are familiar with the website enough to visit it frequently. For example, in some cases, you may need to type the URL directly into the search bar to access a secure website or online service that requires a login. In that case, “Type a URL” will work the best.

Next, if you are seeking information on a particular topic and want to explore your website options related to that particular topic, using Search Google is the ideal way. This one is specifically perfect if you have no website in mind and you are open to options. For example, if you want to look for a recipe of a dish and you have no particular website in mind, “Search Google” will give you relevant results.

The final crux is to have a right balance of both the approaches.

Typing in URLs can be quick and effective for accessing certain sites you are familiar with, yet using a search engine can be useful for discovering new sites and information on a variety of topics.

Final Words

When it comes to choosing between searching on Google or typing a URL directly, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Both methods have their merits and depend on your specific needs and preferences.

If you're looking for a wide range of information, comprehensive search results, and advanced search features, Google search is the way to go. It provides access to a vast database and allows you to refine your searches for more accurate results. However, keep in mind that you may encounter information overload and potential biases in the search results.

On the other hand, typing a URL directly can be convenient if you are familiar with a specific website and trust its content. It allows for direct access without relying on search engine results and potentially bypasses any biases or manipulation. However, it may limit your exposure to new or alternative sources of information and requires prior knowledge of the specific website's URL.

Ultimately, the choice between searching on Google or typing a URL depends on your individual preferences, the nature of your search, and the specific website or information you are seeking. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each method and use the approach that best aligns with your needs for efficient and effective online information retrieval.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google URL Search?

Google URL search is a feature that helps users quickly find the information they desire. Simply type the first few letters of the search you intend to make on Google, and it will suggest relevant results. This feature saves you precious time and provides you with an overall enhanced search experience online.

How Do I Open Google Omnibox?

Each time you open your browser, follow the instructions below to quickly open Omnibox:

  • Open chrome browser and you’ll find three dots on the upper right corner.
  • Tap on it and select “setting”
  • On the left, you will find the “search engine” tab. Tap on it and select “manage search engine and site search.”
  • Scroll down and select Google as your default browser.

What are the uses of Omnibox in Chrome?

The address bar in Chrome is known as Omnibox. It exists so users can type URLs or keywords to look for the information they seek. "Search Google or type a URL" is also part of the Omnibox. It helps users find desired information quickly by also showing predictions based on what they searched for earlier.