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10 Best Free Vector Design & Graphic Websites

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Top 10 Free Vector Design & Graphic Websites for 2024

As you know digital design has evolved, and so the accessibility of digital design at large in 2024. With over 4. 5 billion active internet users and expected e-commerce sales of $87.77 trillion, the demand for quality graphics in the market has greatly increased. Regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur designer or even an entrepreneur, vector design and the awareness of the most graphic websites in the current world of total media appeal is valuable. This guide will begin by addressing the basics of vector design, what it can do for you, the websites you should consider using, and useful tricks to bring out the novice graphic designer within you.

What is Vector Design?

Vector design is a technique of illustration where pictures are made up of mathematical formulas and basic geometric shapes or simple graphical elements such as; points, lines and shapes and the resultant graphics offering flexibility whereby they can be made to fit any range of space without an indication that the picture has been shrunk or enlarged. Vector images can for instance be scaled without losing quality, unlike the raster images that are composed of pixels, which may blur at very large sizes. This makes them ideal for logos and icons and other designs where the symbol is likely to be used on different sized surfaces.

Benefits of Vector Graphics


A major benefit of using vector graphics is its scalability, which is extremely important in the creation of logos and icons. If you want to use an icon on a website, or a massive banner for a billboard, vectors can be scaled up or down as you see fit, and you won’t lose image quality. This makes your designs always presentable by providing flexibility required for precise styling.

File Size

Raw vector files are normally smaller than raw raster since they have smaller data to contain. Traditional photo files memorize information about each pixel, while vector files contain only the points and the curves required to generate the picture. One such efficiency is the elimination of having to store numerous drives and CDs and another is the improved file sharing with clients and collaborators.


We have also found that the work accomplished in vectors can also easily be altered. It is important that designers are able to work with the elements they have isolated and modify or change colors and the basic building blocks of shape and size without detriment to picture quality.

10 Best Free Vector Design & Graphic Websites

Vector designs and graphics have emerged as critical tools in modern society based on their versatility in numerous applications especially in this generation with the introduction of the digital world. However, not every live venturing business person or any other person has the ability to patronize costly graphic design software or subscription. Fortunately, there are several websites with many free vector designs and graphic essentials that can enable one to come up with excellent graphics at no cost. The available data shows that by 2024, more than 80% of startups and individual contractors have used free graphic design tools and services. Below are ten primarily free vector design and graphic sites that you should visit. 

1. Vecteezy 

This site called Vecteezy is a great source of incredible free vector art, illustrations, and graphics. Vecteezy is one of the largest platforms featuring more than a million free vectors to suit most of the design requirements. The layout of the website is outstanding, its quality and designs are perfect and the downloads are fast. 

Vecteezy also has a feature of editing the vectors right from the browser making the work easier for the clients. The vectors themselves are of good standard, and the designers’ community contributes to the constant addition of new vectors to the library. Also, Vecteezy offers a PRO version for people willing to get the most extensive collection of additional paid templates.

2. Freepik

Freepik is the largest resource to download vectors, illustrations, and photos, including those free of cost. It provides more than 10 million of resources so it can be considered as a rather extensive option for designers. When organizing many graphics and icons, Freepik’s user interface is rather simple; thus, it is easy for users to search and filter the outcomes of the pictures that they need. 

The site also has a paid version for those who require extra options and unique materials. Hence, checking daily and with various categories, Freepik is always a favorite among designers who are in the hunt for the best vectors.

3. Pixabay

Pixabay is widely popular for free search and download of photos but it also contains a rich choice of vectors available for free. Currently, the site has garnered over 1. 7,000,000 content creators for images and videos of the Pixabay. 

It’s worth emphasizing that all the resources provided are licensed under Pixabay License, which means everyone can use them free of charge and for any purposes, including commercial ones without mentioning the author. Pixabay offers high-quality vectors whereas the design and user interface of the site enables users to easily search for specific images.

4. Flaticon

Flaticon focuses on providing free icons in different designs and rectangles. With more than 4 million icons in its collection, it stands as an invaluable source of icons for web designers, application developers, and anyone in search of exquisite icons. Flaticon provides icon download where the icons can be downloaded in SVG, PNG, PSD, etc formats. 

There are more features of the platform like icons are available there for premium customers and downloading constraints have been eliminated. Another advantage Flaticon has over similar sites is its compatibility with other design tools including Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

5. VectorStock

VectorStock gives the viewers a directory of free vector images and graphics resources including illustrations and clip arts. The site has a download database of over 500,000 vectors and the site or activity updates daily. VectorStock also offers a premium section, however it does not necessarily always mean that the basic section will not be beneficial enough for use in most designs. 

The convenience when one wants to search for any unique vector is well supported as it enables the convenient achievement of the same. The vectors on VectorStock are as quality as you would expect and the site gives a great amount of information about each file, that includes the number of downloads, and user votes.

6. SVGRepo

SVGRepo is a newer site that has really only been around for the last year or so, but it’s already displaying exponential growth for free SVG vectors and icons. The layout is simple and professional as the presentation does not contain any distractions which can hinder a user’s navigation in the website. 

SVGRepo is equally aimed at supplying versatile SVG files that are best suited for web and mobile application design. The site allows users to customize the color and size of SVGs before downloading them, making it a highly flexible resource. With over 300,000 SVG files available, SVGRepo is a valuable tool for designers looking for scalable vector graphics.

  1. Undraw

Undraw is a source of free illustrations created based on any idea for something that, with proper sketching skills, can be drawn. The illustrations are fully adaptable to make sure that you get the color that you prefer for your brand or for the project. At the moment of the collection, Undraw’s library is replenished with illustrations regularly, and all materials are available for usage in one’s projects and personal work. Multiple functionalities such as easy navigation through the site, and the fact that illustrations presented can be downloaded in formats such as SVG, and PNG, makes it more popular especially for designers in search of modern graphic designs.

8. Pngtree

Note that Pngtree doesn’t only provide the PNG images but also over millions of vectors, PSDs, and backgrounds. Pngtree boasts of having more than 30,000,000 graphics and related products and therefore is one of the best design tools available. 

The major feature of the site is the simplicity of the search which is provided by a box at the top of the page while the classification of the results can be done according to the type of file, orientation and color. There is no restriction on the usage of the available images on this Pngtree website for personal and commercial usage, though the paid subscription offers high access limits to other contents.

9. Vector4Free

Vector4Free is an excellent free vector graphic collection that presents various categories, such as abstract vector art to vector stencils and seasonal vector art. The website has no confusion and is easy to use, and its layout enables users to easily find vectors to download. 

Quite a number of sites offer free vectors, but Vector4Free has a relatively small collection compared to others; the site’s strength lies in offering higher quality vectors that are easy to use. It is also beneficial to note that each vector is in AI format, EPS, and SVG. A Space where design tips as well as tutorials are posted on the site – thus making it even more valuable to its users.

10. 123FreeVectors

123FreeVectors is a site dedicated to offering its visitors free vector graphics, backgrounds, and illustrations. It publishes daily articles, which creates an impressive flow of articles and updated information on a daily basis. Files offered for download are in vector format and contain AI, EPS and SVG files. 123FreeVectors would be of great benefit to all those who have specific preferences as for the design, because the site offers a large number of works created in different styles of artwork. 

Practical Tips for Analyzing the Selected Vector

This task involves comprehending information regarding shapes and paths at a fundamental level.

It is, therefore, imperative to understand that shapes and paths are the constituent elements of vectors. If you have to design the layouts combining different types of content and designs, you should have some understanding of how these fundamental building blocks work. Start doing exercises with basic shapes included in your designs, joining or connecting different shapes, using pathfinder tools that are used to combine, intersect and divide paths.

Using Layers Effectively to Manage and Design Your Useful Content

All in all, layers are one of the most efficient and useful functions in vector design since they let you group various parts of the project together efficiently. Taking elements of design to layers will allow one to be in control of the complications of designing, to make alterations that are selective and even to play the\Column {Do, Henry, anderen} They have it right when they argue that if elements are to be put into a design independently then it is easier to manage them in layers, to edit only what is required without necessarily having to change the whole project.

Master the Pen Tool

Unquestionably, the pen tool forms part of the set of essentials in vector design. It enables a user to decide the paths and shapes of the images through the placing of anchor points and dragging their Bezier handles to control the curves. Take ample time to practice on the pen tool since it will help you build on your muscle memory or sensitivity, allowing you to create sharper and more detailed designs.

Play around with Colors and gradients

With color and gradients, your vectors can have a third dimension that greatly enhances the intricacy and style of your images. Make use of a number of colors, gradients and effects and layer them with varying levels of transparency to add novelty to designs. The color theory should also be employed to work in harmony or fashion good color pairing or matching.

Keep Your Design Simple

The complexity of a vector in animation is sometimes a matter of cutting to the point on the object that is necessary for the design. Withdraw from designs superfluous details or [too many] combined details. Sticking to clean, effectively cutting shapes that convey your meaning is the best strategy to follow. Therefore, despite the fact that it might be a bit counterintuitive, it is best to keep it simple, specifically when designing graphics.


These ten top sites are the best to start with where designers could get thousands of free vector designs and graphics that would give a boost to their creativity. But if you are new to this, you may consider reaching out to CyberWorks Technologies to get into this. Our graphic design services offer the very best in artistic help for your project or campaign. This blog presents advanced features such as artificial intelligence design tools as well as wider asset management solutions. 

CyberWorks is dedicated to empowering designers with the technology they need to bring their visions to life. Whether you're working on a simple project or a complex design challenge, CyberWorks Technologies can help you achieve your goals with efficiency and innovation.

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