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Top 5 Institutes for Graphic Designers in India

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Top 5 Institutes for Graphic Designers in India

Graphic design is an ever-evolving field that uses the application of art with Technology in presenting problems and ideas in the form of images. As of 2024, there has been an increased demand for skilled graphic designers for digital media advertising and e-commerce. As per the latest market research, the graphic design segment of the Indian economy is poised to expand at a whopping compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% in 2021-26, thus promising a fruitful career for those who want to enter this sector. In order to serve as a guide to you, here are the top 5 institutes in India for aspiring Graphic Designers. These institutes have earned their reputations for a broad, carefully structured program, highly qualified teachers, and sophisticated equipment.

Introduction to Graphic Design in India

Graphic design is a notable profession that deals with arts and technology, formulating, and designing images to persuade users to undertake a specific action or respond to a certain message. Graphic designing profession is still in demand and has shown a lot of growth in India mainly because of the growing digital economy. 

It has been estimated that the actual design industry in India will hit USD 23 billion within the next two years, contributed largely by the growth in graphic designing. There are numerous factors that contribute to this growth, and perhaps one of the most compelling reasons is the fact that business and the media are placing a huge deal of emphasis on graphics, thus making the future look bright for ‘Graphic Designers’.

Importance of Choosing the Right Institute

Choosing the right institute to study graphic designing is very important and sets the industry for the budding graphic designing talents. An ideal institute should not only teach its students only the technical part, but should also enhance their creative as well as logical abilities, plus their professionalism. It makes available projects from all over the world, updates knowledge on industry standards and practice, and interaction with people and different companies from different areas, which are basic prerequisites for a successful graphic design career.

Top 5 Institutes for Graphic Designers in India

We have brought you a list of the best 5 institutes for graphic designers in India for students who want to pursue their career in the designing sector. You can go through this below and make an informed decision.

1. NID or National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad

The coveted National Institute of Design (NID) situated in Ahmedabad is quite famously identified with the spirit of excellence in the field of design not only in India but also internationally. NID was established in 1961 and the institute has rich experience of offering education and training that aims at developing creative geniuses. There are many programs the institute provides including the Bachelor of Design (B. DES) Graphic Design specialty among many other design specialties.

Curriculum and Pedagogy:

At NID, the teaching lessons are compiled in a manner that would allow the student to appreciate design under both theoretical and functional perspectives. The topics that can be addressed in the graphic design course include but are not limited to typography, visual identity, information design, interactive media and among others. The use of project-based learning is effective since the students develop practical insights that enable them to work with real-life cases.

Faculty and Infrastructure:

In essence, many of the faculty members of NID are experienced practitioners in the field of design as well as respected designers. The institute has design studios, digital labs, and a library that are modernized to meet the needs of the students and lecturers. Focus on research also assists the students in preparing for the dynamics of career flow as they can be ahead of the curve.

Placements and Alumni:

The placement record of the NID is farther ahead and the students get placed in big organizations like Google, Adobe, Wieden+Kennedy. Being a small institute, SoHD has a large number of alumni which offer adequate networking and guidance to the aspirant designers.

2. Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bengaluru

Srishti Manipal Institute of art, design and technology situated in Bengaluru is another institute offering quality education in graphics design in India. Australia-based, Srishti was founded in 1996 and has been a pioneer of trans-disciplinary approach to design education.

Curriculum and Pedagogy:

The University Grants Commission recognizes Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology and their Bachelor of Design program that includes the field of Visual Communication with graphic designing as one of the areas of focus. The curriculum includes actions in order to promote creative approaches and soft thinking. These goals consist of typography, illustration, branding, and digital media courses. Another advantage of the learning space here is how fluid it is with multiple aspects of design proposed through various projects and workshops.

Faculty and Infrastructure:

Srishti Manipal Institute of Art has a faculty recruited from both academia and industry ensuring that the lessons are rich with present day application. State-of-the-art facilities available include design laboratories, design studios, and design construction workshops. One advantage that Srishti has is a focus on experimental and research works, which keeps the culture innovative.

Placements and Alumni:

Opportunities open for employment are immense and graduates of Srishti are favored by many big established firms in the design area and multinational corporations. There is a precedence for alumni success across multiple sectors, such as advertising, digital media, as well as entrepreneurship. This institute has all the potential of providing extraordinary placement prospects for students due to its industry-oriented establishment.

3. MIT Institute of Design (MIT - ID), Pune

MIT Institute of Design (MITID) based in Pune is one of the revered and reputed institutions boasting to offer design courses since 2006. This is a highly regarded institute famous for its intense course structure and professional orientation The institute provides a four-year undergraduate program in Graphic Design under the portfolio of Bachelor of Design.

Curriculum and Pedagogy:

Courses offered at MITID are well organized in a manner that aims to equip the learners with a broad knowledge of graphic designing, areas of study include typography, branding, packaging designing among others as well as UI/UX designing. The institute’s project-based system guarantees that students get their hands on working and at the same time, build up a worthy portfolio.

Faculty and Infrastructure:

The faculty at MITID comprises fully qualified designers/academicians who have strength and passion in counseling the students. It has several facilities like design studios, digital spaces, and libraries or resource centers in its premises. Professional interactions also and workshops are important for creating an awareness of the trends and technologies currently existing in the respective industry.

Placements and Alumni:

The corporate interface is conducted every year during the course of the program and thus, MITID boasts of a healthy placement record with students being placed in reputed organizations such as Ogilvy, Infosys, and TCS. Greater focus on alumni association makes a significant difference for those studying in the institute since the alumni is active and helpful in directing the present students and making them better placed in the job market.

4. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi

One of the leading B-Schools which emphasize on fashion and design education is National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT). NIFT has many campuses all over India and NIFT Delhi excels in graphic designing which falls under the communication design course.

Curriculum and Pedagogy:

NIFT Delhi is conspicuously one of the prestigious institutions that was offering the Bachelor of Design degree with a field of specialization in communication designing, which includes graphic designing, information designing, visual narration, and interactive designing. It is structured in such a way that students understand design theories in addition to their actual implementation, hence, promoting the mastery of comprehensive and broad knowledge of graphic designing.

Faculty and Infrastructure:

Faculty members of NIFT Delhi comprises well experienced professional and industrialists who guide the students by delivering both theory as well as practical sessions. There are modem designd studio, modern design lab and a rich library is available at the campus. Concerning the nature of education, students are able to remain up to date with the design trends because of the emphasis on research and innovation within the institute.

Placements and Alumni:

In terms of placement, NIFT Delhi has remained a trendsetter in the fashion industry and latest placements records reveal recruiters like Adobe, Samsung,JWT and others. A large alumni base can be considered an essential advantage of the institute as it helps in developing successful career paths for the students.

5. Pearl Academy, Mumbai

Pearl Academy, the leading institute for design, fashion and media situated in Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur is a famous institute. It has a graduate program in Communication Design with an undergraduate concentration on graphic design.

Curriculum and Pedagogy:

The course structure of the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Design at Pearl Academy involves the basic and advanced steps of the design process including typography, branding, packaging, and digital media. Cognisance comprises a creative curriculum that aims for enhancing creative thinking, critical and analytical skills. The Integrated Project Work methodology means that the students are to apply all theories learnt in practice.

Faculty and Infrastructure:

Some of the prominent special guests of Pearl academy have included the likes of Zubin Sharif, Mohammed Shah, Prince Singh, Lina Ashar, etc. The campus has computer labs, design studios, and a modern library and Information Technology Centre. Further, students attend industrial interaction, workshops, and internships frequently for updating themselves with the latest advancements.

Placements and Alumni:

It has been seen that many Pearl academy students get placed in influential firms and organizations like BBC, Technicolor, Ogilvy. The presence of an active alumni base for the institute is incredibly beneficial for the students as it increases their employment prospects in addition to offering them guidance about the same.

Other Notable Institutes for Graphic Design in India

While the above institutes are among the top choices for graphic design education in India, there are several other notable institutes worth considering:

  • Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID), Pune: Offers a comprehensive graphic design program with a strong emphasis on practical skills and industry exposure.
  • Indian Institute of Art and Design (IIAD), New Delhi: Known for its modern curriculum and experienced faculty, IIAD offers a specialized program in Communication Design.
  • D.J. Academy of Design, Coimbatore: Provides a holistic design education with a focus on graphic design, offering a blend of theoretical and practical learning.
  • Lisaa School of Design, Bengaluru: Offers an international curriculum in graphic design, with opportunities for global exposure and industry internships.
  • WLCI School of Design, New Delhi: Provides a well-rounded graphic design program with a focus on industry-relevant skills and professional development.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Graphic Design Institute in India

It is important to note that stepping into the world of graphic design is an exhilarating affair and starts right from selecting the appropriate university or college. Here are some important factors to consider while choosing the institute for graphic designing course in India, which can assist any aspirant in making the right decision.

1. Curriculum and Specializations

Curriculum is the foundation that supports any form of learning process that takes place within an institution. While selecting a good graphic design institute, apart from the fee structure and the reputation of the institute, try to opt for an institute which offers a wide range of courses that includes quite basic courses such as typography, branding and identity, new media design, UI/UX design and graphics, etc. 

There should be emphasis on specializations that interest you in areas like motion graphics, web design, or interactive media among others. A good curriculum means that you are exposed to virtually all aspects of the field, while concentrations give you a certain focus and allow you to study subjects of utmost interest and relevance in detail.

2. Faculty and Industry Experts

Hence, the quality of faculty plays an important role in determining how they gain knowledge. Look into the qualifications of the professors and their practices in the field of industry. Faculties who have a good exposure in industry and academic background are preferable to mentor the students with valuable knowledge and ideas. Inviting guest speakers and holding workshops with the representatives of industries also improves your learning By providing practical experiences and involving the latest findings and trends.

3. Infrastructure and Facilities

Contemporary equipment and best facilities are essentials when it comes to mastering any practical field such as graphic design. Seek out institutions with design studios, computer facilities with abundant Application software and library sections. Good facilities also hold the advantages of allowing flexibility in the area that you want to develop and to refine. Further, an effective learning environment such as collaborative designs allows for novel and group solution invention.

4. Placement and Alumni Network

Placement record of any institute provides thorough understanding about its success and, thus, quality of teaching it offers. To do this, one has to look up records of the institute’s placement records and determine which companies recruit their personnel. Placement cells of institutes that are well-established will mean that the institutes enjoy close relations with the relevant industries and hence better Internship and job prospects. Furthermore, with alumni network connection, one is placed in a position to get career advice and direction since the alumni association includes individuals with high expertise in the markets.

5. Industry Partnerships and Internships

Practical learning plays a vital role in the educational process, especially when it comes to graphic design. Other factors that are easily observable include availability of internships where institutes having better industrial ties offer actual projects instead of offering mere exposure. It also helps one who intends to look for a job following the completion of his or her internship to get an express entry to employment since the intern is usually offered a job contract upon completion of his or her internship period. Try to find institutes that focus on live projects related to business and have provisions for students in the form of internships and workshops to communicate with the corporate eye- level.

6. Student Support and Extracurricular Activities

Career development services, academic advising, and Counseling, health, lad, and career services providers are very important in a students’ life. Consider an institute that has essential services in the per supplemental kit and will ensure that students are well catered for. Furthermore, one can also gain even more insight by enrolling in extra curricular activities, design competitions and exhibitions that might in turn enhance a student’s portfolio.

7. Location and Campus Life

It is also important to note the issue of geographical location as it has an impact on the experience of the institute. Hospitable institutes that are located in design capitals or large cities afford opportunity to attend various events, interact with professionals, and feel cultural contexts. Another factor you may want to consider is the life on campus – an active campus life that includes various activities will help you grow as a person and also will make going to classes a fun experience.


It becomes very important that any graphic design student who would love to establish a practice in this strategic sector must enroll in a suitable institute of their choice. These top five institutes not only lift the curtain of their teachings and impact students with the relevant skills and knowledge but also offer practical training and exposure. Whether your goal is to become an advertiser, immersed in the fascinating world of Internet and web-business or you would prefer creating brands as a career, these institutes will make your dreams come true and help develop your creativity to the full.

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