Finding The Right Clients For Your Business

A business may have everything that it needs to succeed- Right infrastructure, right capital, right man power possessing the right skills. Yet, we see them failing. For Startup Consultation & Nurturing.

There might be tons of reasons for the failure but one factor that businesses generally miss is the set of the customers that they have.

The choice of the customers is necessary. Your business doesn’t need all the customers, it just needs the right ones. Let us help you finding out the right customers. Consider the following situations:


Some business owners are desperate to get customers. In order to get sales and boost the revenue, they would agree to work with anyone and everyone. They will agree to deliver projects outside their expertise just to land a deal. They fear to lose the potential customer and instead of saying no they accept the project ending up with a bad relationship with the clients.

It is important to realise that accepting projects beyond your core capabilities will not only make you lose money and spoil the relationship with the client but it would also degrade your business image in the market.

Word of mouth is very powerful. Deliver hundreds of successful projects and potential customers might consider you BUT mess up with one project and the client puts a bad review, your potential customers will reject you.

Its a bad situation, neither you are happy nor your client is and both of you lost your time, money and efforts. It was never the customer’s fault. He/she was just the wrong fit for your business. Hence, the best decision is the find the customers that fit your skills and core competencies.


There are customers who genuinely need your services and in fact are the perfect fit but they are simply very difficult to deal with.

We mean, lets say you agreed to deliver a project because you are 100% sure that you have the skills to get it done on time and in the best way, but there is no compatibility with the client.

As a graphic and Website Designing Company, you understand that that what colour scheme/design/outlay is suitable for what kind of business and the impression it would leave on their customers, but the client wishes to get things done by his/her own way and you know that would not fetch results.

Under such situations, it is important for both the parties to understand why they are working together at the first place. You need the money and your client needs your skills, experience and expertise. Your business must be flexible enough to make changes as per the client requirements and you must have an ability to make the client understand how some of the changes suggested by the client can have an adverse impact on his/her business.

Just a matter of different opinions and personalities can not be the reason of rejecting a customer. Your ability to work with some difficult customers will build some of your best relationships.


When you run a business, you come across thousands of people with different personalities, attitudes and nature. You get along with some and build great relationship & trust with them while some would strictly restricted to just business. Thats alright. You won’t gel up with everyone. However, you must stay away from the people with bad attitudes.

There are customers whom you can never make happy. They will never be polite and they will have unrealistic demands. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you would try to please them, they will always go home unsatisfied. They mistreat you, your employees and abuse their relationships.

It is better to politely refuse to work with them for the betterment of everyone. This would let you to concentrate on the right ones.

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Food For Thought:

“With access to the similar infrastructure, capital, skills and people, the gap between the USPs of the businesses is narrowing. However, to sustain in this highly competitive market today, businesses must need to find other hidden factors that might differentiate them from the rest. Customers and service providers are scattered like jigsaw puzzle. You just have to find the right match and everyone goes home smiling.”