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Google launched Flutter in 2017 with an objective of providing an open-source mobile UI framework that allows developers to build native apps with unprecedented ease. Flutter utilises a single codebase to create two different high-quality native applications for iOS and Android. It is a distinguished software development kit for creating robust cross platform mobile apps with rich, native UI that delivers high performance in a short stretch of time and is widely employed by the Best Flutter App Development Company in India. Choosing the right framework or development language with superior performance will drastically improve the likelihood of your app succeeding by offering optimal implementation and minimum errors. Make the right technology choice and have a mobile, web or desktop app developed with an innovative and engaging design in Flutter.

What is Flutter App Development?

Flutter is a framework for cross-platform hybrid app development which has been becoming increasingly popular as this software development toolkit enables the developers to create a spectacular UI which delivers performance at par with native. An easy integration of mobile applications with diverse platforms such as Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and more is achieved by Flutter app development. With Flutter, apps are designed to behave naturally and be compatible with different platforms even though they are built employing a single codebase. Assume control of your codebase with the right plugins, testing, development tools and build high-quality apps with Flutter which helps attain flexible UI, multi-platform connectivity, null safe code and more. Employ powerful productivity tools by hiring Flutter App Development Company in India to build apps which help users explore, connect and work more effectively.

Flutter Application Development Services

Flutter is the fastest growing cross-platform app development framework that the experts in the field employ for streamlined development process. Our Flutter App Development Services in India are aimed to build flexible, interactive native iOS and Android applications which are unbeatable on every front and accelerate business growth. Employing Flutter to develop next-gen mobile applications, we build robust, functionally-rich, visually appealing, chart-topping cross platform apps. Our Flutter app development services in India are:

Cost Saving

Since Flutter app development uses a single codebase which means coding once to develop an app that’s compatible to be launched on different platforms, it reduces time taken and cost incurred in development, testing and management of apps by a huge degree (as large as 40% in most cases).


Hybrid apps generally need a bridge to communicate with the underlying OS which isn’t a requirement for cross-platform mobile applications developed using Flutter. Hence, Flutter mobile apps provide performance at par with native mobile apps.

Hot Reload Integrating

The Hot reload feature in Flutter helps developers witness the changes they make in the code on a simulator in real time, increasing efficiency in the app development process and causing daily overheads to be minimal.

Web Support

Flutter for web enables developers to apply their Flutter code to web browsers and package the existing mobile applications into PWAs, letting them deploy their mobile app without the need of rewriting it.

Benefits Of Flutter Application Development Services

  • Adaptive Design

    With Flutter app development, it becomes easy to implement an adaptive, responsive design which makes mobile applications look great and work well on the screen that has been targeted.
  • Enhanced Productivity

    Flutter lets one ship prominent features faster with reduction in the code written, time consumed and effort employed while focusing on Android, iOS, web, Windows and Linux in a single codebase.
  • Native Performance

    Flutter compiles the native machine code faster by 20 to 50% to deliver a better performing application that presents appealing animations which are pleasant to look at and work with.
  • Open-Source Software

    Being a free, open source software, Flutter is trusted by the global community to be an open, transparent and reliable framework for application development.
  • Robust Development

    The Top Flutter App Development Companies in India utilise the extensive system of Flutter built-in services to create permutation of diverse design dimensions, arcs, squares and columns as per the objectives.
  • Smooth UX

    With the use of ripple effects, smooth navigation transitions and cool animations, the Best Flutter App Development Agency enhances the app user experience by improving the app performance.
  • Flexibility & Agility

    Flutter offers smart design and flawless integration making mobile app development a delightful experience and providing straightforward connectivity.

Tools & Technologies Employed in Flutter App Development

Our dedicated team of Flutter App Developer and designers deliver a consistent experience across various devices of diverse screen sizes and build cross-platform applications using a single codebase, which help them speed up app development process, reduce bugs and increase ROI. Following are the tools and technologies that are widely employed by professional Flutter developers.

  • Android Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Flutter SDK
  • Hot reload
  • Flutter Fix
  • Code formatting

Process We Follow

Take a look at our mobile app development process that is spread over six key phases which the developers at our Flutter App Development Company in India exclusively follow.



The Best Flutter App Development Company recognises the significance of this stage in which user cases are defined, detailed functional requirements are outlined and brainstorming is done for your app idea to be refined.



With the focus on user experience and user interface, wireframing of the app is done to gain comprehension of future functionalities and create a blueprint and visual direction for the developers to follow.


UI Design

The navigation structure of the app is perfected to deliver a UX with a refined look and feel and flawless functionality to run apps with Flutter SDK having interactive, intuitive and user friendly interface.


App Development

Backend, API and mobile app are created following agile Flutter app development methodology with technical architecture defined and latest technology stack employed.


App Testing

Our Flutter Mobile App Development Company ensures the development of stable, secure and scalable mobile apps by performing a thorough Quality Assurance Testing to validate the app’s quality.


App Deployment

In the final step, the cross-platform mobile app is launched on Apple, Google Play and other app stores in line with app stores’ guidelines with support for future versions.

Why Choose CyberWorx for Flutter App Development?

Ours is the Best Flutter App Development Company India, acknowledged for its efforts in providing flawless application development services with incredible UX/UI design and excellent app deployment strategies employed to build fluid and realistic interfaces for both Android and iOS platforms. Hire Flutter App Developers in India who are experienced professionals with an inventive approach to develop simple server-side APIs for mobile apps as Minimum Viable Products. Availing Flutter mobile app development services, have control over every pixel to build customised, adaptive designs that look splendid and provide excellent functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we develop apps using Flutter?

Flutter is among the finest solutions for the development of mobile apps for Android and iOS that doesn’t require developers to write different code for each platform. Web apps for browsers as well as native programs for Windows, Linux and MacOS are created with ease employing Flutter.

What kind of app is developed in Flutter?

A robust, interactive and user-friendly app with intuitive interface, improved design and a single codebase is developed in Flutter. The Flutter mobile app is compatible with diverse app stores and requires much less effort and time in its creation.

How much time does it take to develop a Flutter app?

With Flutter, cross-platform mobile app development and deployment becomes much easier and faster as written code required is much less than what is needed for native app development and thus, the time taken in Flutter app development is reduced by a great extent. Duration of the app development process primarily depends on scope and size of the project.

Which is the best Flutter app development company?

Despite there being only a few years since Flutter was launched, it has been widely adopted by the leading mobile app development companies which passionately build functionally-rich, visually appealing mobile apps, crafted to meet specific demands and increase business efficiency by a huge degree.

Can we use Flutter for web app development?

Yes, developers can utilise Flutter for both mobile and web app development as it is quite compatible with web rendering technologies of the current generation such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In fact, there is a significant spike in developers switching to Flutter over other cross-platform mobile frameworks for mobile and web app development for the ease it provides.

Can Flutter be used in an existing native app?

Yes, Flutter can be easily integrated into existing native applications in the form of a library or module which can be imported into an Android or iOS app to render a part of the app in Flutter, bringing productivity of Flutter into the application.

How much does developing a Flutter app cost?

The Flutter cross-platform approach is much more cost-effective and time-efficient for it deploys a single codebase. Thus, it costs much less to develop a mobile app in Flutter than a native app. However, the cost of availing Flutter Mobile App Development Services in India depend much on the scope and size of the project.

Is Flutter better than React Native?

When we talk about performance, Flutter’s approach fares better than React Native as it is closer to machine language and offers better native performance with not just UI components but the whole thing compiled.

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