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SEO For Real Estate: Guide For Realtors And Agents For 2023

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SEO For Real Estate: Guide For Realtors And Agents For 2023

Did you know that 50% of home buyers use internet resources to find their ideal residences?

Also, every month, real estate agents that invest in SEO generate two to three times as many sales.

In the digital era, to lead the race of selling more houses and properties, you will have to have a stronger real estate SEO planning that might require a decent investment.

This comprehensive article explains how seo agencies may use SEO to create consistent organic leads with some best practices on how to do SEO for real estate websites.

What Is Real Estate SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of conducting certain activities through which your site or content gets visible on SERPs at the right time to the right audience.

Website optimization for real estate agents and companies is called Real Estate SEO. It comprises optimizing your real estate site for relevant searches by combining SEO and local real estate SEO methods. The core aim is to create and improve brand awareness so more people get to know about your company.

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Is SEO Genuinely Good For Realtors?

Search engine optimization for brokers and agents has become a highly competitive market due to the multitude of companies competing for the little organic real estate remaining on the SERP.

Creating an amazing real estate site with quality content is not at all enough. To rank for keywords that get you quality traffic, SEO strategy for real estate is the Mantra.

Why Does the Real Estate Industry Needs SEO?

As more realtors are now aware of SEO and the importance of being visible online, it’s critical you perform best SEO for real estate to be more competitive and successful. Below are some major reasons why your real estate industry needs SEO.

  • Boost Traffic & Revenue

    A strong SEO plan combining a quality content strategy is an effective way to multiply your site’s traffic. Not just traffic; if you publish valuable content with your target audience in mind, it attracts potential customers. With the right customers, you can increase your revenue.

  • Boost Brand Awareness

    Quality SEO content establishes your real estate company as a go-to source of information, which increases the confidence of your viewers in your brand. Everytime a reader reads something valuable, a positive interaction happens. A good brand awareness directly leads to an increasing conversion rate.

  • Improves Brand Protection

    Next less known advantage of SEO strategy for real estate is that it can also offer brand protection. How? You can control how to present your brand online. Example, if you participate in an affiliate programme, SEO can help protect your brand. Such programmes are a good way to boost revenue.

9 Steps Checklist For How To Do SEO for Real Estate Website

If you are a real estate agent looking to boost traffic and visibility on your site, here are 9 steps checklist to help you take the lead!

  • Examine your SEO Competitors

    Understand that your industry competitors and SEO competitors can be different based on keywords. Therefore, it’s vital you run an elaborate competitor analysis to figure out who all your competitors are for Google’s ranking, or any other search engine for that matter.

    Once you understand well how they are working, you get a great starting point to ace it. Adopt their strong points and learn from their mistakes.

  • Right Keyword Research

    To rank at the top, keyword research is the ladder to success, or right keyword research, to be precise. Find out the keywords that your potential housing clients will probably type to look for the real estate agent services you are offering. Later, filter the keywords with huge potential to reach based on search volumes and keyword competition.

    There are multiple platforms out there like Siteimprove SEO that can help you find the best keywords.

  • Tap Long-Tail keyword Opportunities

    The best SEO strategy for real estate starts with long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are the ones that are usually in phrase form with not much search volume. However, such keywords are more niche and have less or no competition. Therefore, if you find a long-tail keyword that’s relevant to your niche, you can easily reach your target audience before your competition.

  • Create High-Quality Content

    Simply creating high-quality content is not enough. It should align with what your readers want to read or know to get the most out of your efforts. As a real estate agent, get yourself in your customer’s shoes.

    You can target one primary keyword for each of your webpages, but always avoid overstuffing it.

    Your first priority must always be creating valuable content with the right mix of keywords and content. In SEO terms, the most valuable content is the one that answers your readers’ queries.

  • Keep a Local Approach

    Never make it difficult for people to locate, find, and contact you. You can do this by claiming your Google My Business Listing and optimizing it to appear in the right locations.

    Make sure to include your services and related posts. Localize your website's content as much as achievable, and include your name, address, and phone number wherever needed.

  • Conduct a Thorough Technical Audit of Your Website

    If you are wondering how to do SEO for real estate website that gives the best results, have a detailed overview of your site’s technical optimization. You should look for the following elements on your website:

    • Response codes 404, 401, 410, 503, 505.
    • SSL certification
    • Duplicate URLs
    • Content issues
    • Harmful backlinks
    • Structure of the website
    • Internal linking
    • Canonical and hreflang tags issues
    • XML sitemaps & robots.txt file setup
  • Use Real Estate Agents Schema Markup

    Schema markup is also called structured data. It’s basically a code that’s added to any site’s HTML to let the search engines more accurately read the information on your web pages. It then helps your potential clients find the information they are searching for.

    RealEstateListing and RealEstateAgent schemas are the two forms of schema markup built exclusively for real estate firms.

    With the real estate listing schema, you provide relevant information to search engines, so it’s clear both to your clients and search engines as to when the listing was published, its location, home price, lease, and length of the lease. If you use schema markup well, you might as well get a special place in the featured snippets.

  • Focus More on Local Backlinks

    There’s no denying that word-of-mouth marketing offers the best business. Backlinks work the same way for online businesses. Here, local backlinks can be game-changers. Local backlinks from business directories, local newspaper sites, or blogs can bring you relevant leads with huge potential to turn into clients.

  • Have a Good Functional Internal Search Engine

    When visitors land on your website, most of them prefer to look for keywords, locations, and other information directly from the internal search bar. A disappointing experience can have a negative impact on your visitors, leading to a bad conversion rate. Therefore, always ensure that your internal search bar shows the right pages with no broken links and redirected pages.

Bonus: Start Real Estate Blogging

Pick any SEO strategy, and content holds a major spot in it. The same is true for real estate SEO. By writing a blog for your website, it becomes easy for you to target keywords, which further leads to improving your website’s organic search performance and organic traffic.

How do you achieve that?

Once your blog page is ready, you must keep coming up with various topics related to your niche that your target audience would want to know about. The whole idea is to turn your blog posts into a relevant and valuable information source, which later builds a brand and customer relationship.

Final Thoughts

Despite everything, one thing that’s common and true in SEO is that it’s a time-consuming process. You can perform SEO today and expect the desired results right away. Even the best SEO for real estate will take time to reap the benefits. Therefore, be clear about how to do SEO for real estate websites and be consistent with your efforts. Everything that’s mentioned above is worth your time.